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Jeanne Gehret

As a writer, Jeanne Gehret has a successful and impressive list of accomplishments, all of which are of different genres and passions. As a mother of a child with learning disabilities, Gehret became active in helping other parents better understand how to help their learning disabled children. As a previous teacher, Gehret used her past experiences to write and publish several books about learning disabled children.

However, in a completely alternate sphere, Gehret became very passionate about history. She specifically became interested in the life of Susan B. Anthony, after finding out she lived 10 minutes from where Anthony used to live! Gehret travels to schools, dressed up as Susan B. Anthony, in a presentation of Anthony’s life and importance to the fight for women’s suffrage. Lucky for us, she will be visiting us Friday, October 26, from 5 – 7 pm to give her presentation at The Carroll Mansion. For only $25 donation, guests will enjoy learning a vast amount of history about the Anthony family and a living history preformance by Gehret herself. A reception will follow where guests will have the chance to ask questions and learn more about the woman who helped bring women’s suffrage to the state of Kansas. Guests will also receive a free Susan B. Anthony dollar coin with their ticket. Please contact us at the museum at 913.682.7759 to get your ticket and join us! We can’t wait to see you all!



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