Here Come the Holidays!

Is that Christmas music I hear? Sleigh bells, perhaps? Yes, it is now time to start gearing up for the holiday season!

With the Susan B. Anthony event behind us, it is now time to focus on the holidays! Big thanks must go to Jeanne Gehret for her wonderful presentation as well as to the hard-working volunteers at the museum for their impressive Anthony family display. Clothes, pictures, blankets and more were on display, having belonged to the Anthony family. All of this hard work paid off because it raised almost $1,000 for the museum! Wow!

Now with Thanksgiving on the way, we are now getting ready for our annual Christmas Decorating Day in order to have the Carroll Mansion all gussied up for the Leavenworth Candelight Vintage Homes Tour! On November 17, many people will be here at the mansion to hang garlands, put up the Christmas tree, and get ready for the season! We are always welcoming those who are willing to help so please do so if you can!

The Candlelight Vintage Homes Tour will now take place for the 21st time since it began. For the tour this year, there will be five vintage homes, the Carroll Mansion, a historic church as well as a historic school. Tickets can be purchased at several places throughout Leavenworth as well as by email, mail or phone call to the museum. Don’t miss out! Advanced tickets are only $12 for this full day tour! On the day of the tour tickets are $17.

There will again be the Bread Sale held at the museum. All profits benefit the museum! Be sure to get some of the bread on the day of the tour. Also, if you would like to donate some bread for the sale we would greatly appreciate it! Please contact us at the musem if you would be available to bake bread for the sale.

As always, we look forward to seeing visitors every day, not only at events! Come visit us to tour our beautiful home, shop in the Victorian Shoppe and experience the grandeur of Victorian America. See you soon!


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